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Now offering Mayo Clinic Approach to Wellness Coaching

Heart Light offers a variety of personal seminar programs designed to help individuals who wish to focus on a specific area of personal growth.

Personal seminars are offered in several different formats. A Basic personal seminar program is four sessions in length. An Advanced personal seminar program is ten sessions in length. A Comprehensive personal seminar program is open ended in length, to be concluded when the client feels satisfied that personal coaching has met all of his or her goals.

A personal seminar session is 45 to 50 minutes long. Sessions are usually scheduled weekly, but can be structured in any way. For example, a Basic (four session) personal seminar can be completed in one day via one intensive long session, or in two double sessions, or over a period of weeks in a series of single sessions.

A personal seminar program can be designed for an individual, a couple, a family, or a group. Learn more.

The following programs are currently offered:

The Art of Excellence: Learning the access codes to success in life.
The Art of Excellence program teaches psychological skills and strategies that will help individuals to be the best that they can be in any chosen area of excellence. We offer a specialized version of this program designed for children and adolescents. This version of the program helps children to achieve their highest potential in a particular area that is of interest to them (such as sports, academics, music, dance or art), while also teaching skills that will help them to reach their highest potential in life. Learn more.

Think Fit: Coaching for weight loss and fitness.
The Think Fit program helps you to create a personalized fitness program that works. In order to make real and lasting changes in this area, people need to have four areas addressed comprehensively: diet, exercise, psychological skills and strategies and an understanding of biological factors that often undermine our best intentions to lose weight and be fit. We offer a specialized version of this program designed for children and adolescents as well as a version designed for families. Learn more.

Soul Beauty: Connecting inner and outer beauty.
The Soul Beauty program enhances your ability to cultivate beauty and attractiveness through both inner and outer techniques. Outer techniques include understanding how you can express yourself through clothing, hair style, and accessories. It also incorporates making physical changes to your body by creating a fit lifestyle as well as understanding how you use your body to communicate nonverbally. Inner techniques include understanding how the way you think and feel radiates out from you and impacts others. It also involves recognizing that psychological factors such as stress and depression impact your biology in ways that effect your beauty by impacting your weight, your hair, your skin, your energy, and by aging you prematurely. The Soul Beauty personal seminar program helps individuals to explore ways of enhancing their attractiveness and personal magnetism as well as their sense of passion for life, their confidence and their self-esteem.

Relax Your Life: A holistic stress management and emotional wellness program. Learn more and hear a sample audio.

Relax Your Baby: Taking care of your baby by taking care of yourself.
Relax Your Baby is a private personal seminar program designed especially for pregnant women and their families. The program provides information and experiential tools that help you to relax, create a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.Learn more.

Helping Your Special Needs Child: Without losing yourself. Learn more and hear a sample audio.

Stress and Infertility: Managing the challenges of infertility.
Some people believe that stress can influence fertility. Everyone agrees
that infertility causes stress. “Coping with Infertility” is a personal seminar program created to support individuals and couples who are facing difficulties conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. Learn more.